Identify common pests with the 603 Pest library

There are all kinds of pests living in the 603. Our pest library will help you identify them and will educate you on seasonal pests, disease carriers, pest biology, and more. Don’t see your pest here? Contact us anyway, as we handle all kinds of New Hampshire pest control.

603 Pest NH pest control bed bug icon

Bed Bugs

This bed wasn’t
built for 3,000.

603 Pest NH pest control ant icon


Ants can ruin way more
than your picnic.

603 Pest NH pest control termite icon 2


Can literally reduce a
wooden structure to dust. 

603 Pest tick icon


Tiny vampires that carry diseases and attach to your loved ones.

603 Pest spider icon


Eight legs: check. Freak out status: escalating.

603 Pest NH pest control bees icon


It’s bad news when bees
set up shop on your turf.

603 Pest wasp icon


Aggressive, territorial, flying insects that sting you.

603 Pest rat, mice and rodent icon


Mice and rats.
Not the Pixar kind.

603 Pest NH pest control cockroach icon


Massive floor aliens who scatter in the light. Nightmares anyone?

603 Pest NH pest control mosquitoes icon


Annoying doesn’t even
begin to cover it.

603 Pest NH pest control fly icon


Making your housekeeping look bad since the dawn of time.

603 Pest NH pest control other pests icon

Not Sure

No idea what that thing is? Contact us and we’ll help you identify that pest.