Pavement ants

Ant iconActive season: Pavement ants grace New Hampshire year-round, but are most active May through September. They breed in large swarms in May and June in the northeast, and can be found all along the Atlantic coast.

Disease profile: None. High five.

Appearance: Pavement ants are an eighth to one sixteenth of an inch of an inch long, and are mostly brown with black accents.. They move slowly, so you should be able to see them long enough to spot the parallel lines on the head and thorax. You can find them nesting under rocks and cracks in the pavement as well as in walls or under floors and in insulation.

Signs: Searching for sugar and protein, pavement ants will forage for food inside and outside of homes and offices, and need moisture to survive.


“Little black ants are crawling on my driveway and getting into my garage. I hose them down every day but they keep coming back. What gives?”

By spraying pavement ants with water, you’re providing them with life-sustaining water, and probably doing more to help them than hurt them. While you may wash away or drown a few, the thousands in the colony below appreciate the shower. Instead, a treatment might be necessary to stop them before they move in to the nearest structure – if they haven’t already.

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