Stop playing host: everything you need to know to get rid of bed bugs

Active season: Year-round, active during day and night

Disease profile: Bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases. So we’ve got that going for us.

Appearance: Bed bugs are a fifth to a quarter of an inch long and are reddish brown or mahogany, though they may look redder after they’ve eaten the blood of your family, pets or customers. Bed bug eggs are white or off-white, elongated and very small. Ew.

Signs of bed bugs: Dark red stains on your mattress, especially around seams and box springs; spots of dried blood on bed sheets; musty or sweet smell (in large infestations). Bed bug bites are difficult to identify; many people never show signs of a bite mark after being a bed bug snack.

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Bed Bug Biology

Bed bugs are horrible houseguests, travel easily from one location to another, and can live almost anywhere, not just the bedroom. They’ve been known to inhabit movie theaters, hotels, and subway cars, and gain entry by hitchhiking on furniture from stores or yard sales, on your suitcase when traveling, and other ways we probably haven’t thought of yet. They can detect a human host from as far as five feet away via special sensors that detect your 98.6 degrees and the CO2 you exhale.

Bed bugs are removed after a pest control professional confirms the infestation and checks all areas of your home or office. 603 Pest uses safe sanitizing treatment methods, and we may even be able to save your mattress or other affected furniture.

Want bed bugs to stop hogging the bed?

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