Wondering how to get rid of cockroaches?

We can help you battle the ancient foe.

Season: Year-round.

Disease profile: Cockroaches are known to cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions, and carry bacteria that cause food poisoning, dysentery, and gastroenteritis.

Appearance: The adult German cockroach (which is one of the most common varieties we encounter in pest control, along with American cockroaches) has two dark stripes on its thorax and is about a half inch to five-eighths of an inch long. They have well-developed wings, but do not fly.

Signs of cockroaches: Fecal trails (exactly what they sound like) and other secretions emit an unusual smell. They are mainly nocturnal and scatter when you turn on the light. They may make a hissing or chirping noise. But because cockroaches can live for a few days or up to a month without food, they may still be there, even if you can’t see them. Queue nightmare.

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Cockroach Biology

This primitive insect is very common and hardy, able to tolerate a wide range of environments. The German cockroach has a developed social structure that involves cohabitating with other cockroaches, social dependence, information transfer, and can even recognize kin. A female German cockroach produces four to eight egg capsules in its lifetime, with each egg capsule containing as many as 48 eggs. They undergo a gradual metamorphosis, which means their lifecycle begins as an egg, then nymph, then adult. Cockroaches live up to a year.

Ask 603 Pest

“My restaurant is very clean, how could I have cockroaches!?”

Cockroaches can invade your restaurant in several ways, like via product deliveries, sharing common walls with infested neighbors, or even by clinging to clothing and catching a ride on employees or even customers. Cockroaches are smart, resilient, and able to amass a large group in very little time. This is the number one reason to have a good infection prevention plan in place. We recommend monitoring devices and a close working relationship with a pest control specialist to manage treatment plans and programs.

“Is it true that the female cockroach can grow her own egg?”

Yep, some only need to be impregnated once, and afterward, she can develop her own egg capsules.

Not sure how to get rid of cockroaches?