At 603 Pest, we get it. When your home is being invaded by ants, ticks, bed bugs, spiders, termites and other nasty invaders, the only thing you want is your home back. We specialize in getting things back to normal, so call us today for residential pest control in Southern New Hampshire.

What to expect from our residential pest control experts

On your first visit

You should expect on the initial treatment a thorough inspection from basement to attic to identify any possible nesting and breeding areas of insects and rodents. Also during this inspection, we will determine critical targeted treatment areas and methods to prevent spreading and relocation of any further harborage areas. We’ll check for termites, bed bugs, ticks, spiders, bees, carpenter ants, and any other pest that’s bugging you.

Prepping your home: Depending on the type of pest or certain circumstances it may be necessary for you to prep your home to ensure a thorough and effective treatment is provided. Your inspector or technician will make recommendations on what is needed before the residential pest control service is provided.


On your regular scheduled maintenance treatments you should expect a thorough inspection and treatment. This will maintain a barrier to prevent re-infestation or reintroduction of pests like termites, ants, spiders, mice, rats, and cockroaches and into your home. Our mission is to protect your home by being proactive with our targeted pest control treatments and monitoring devices. Materials used in the pest control industry start to break down within 30 to 60 days of application. That is why it is necessary to treat on a 60-day cycle to prevent reoccurrence by keeping that barrier intact and identifying any new harborage areas.

Number of Treatments: We offer quarterly treatments at a higher price due to risk of call backs due to chemical breaking down before next treatment. We can also offer seasonal pest control treatments to reduce the number of visits, however, the guarantee will be voided for the service lapse.

From Your 603 Pest Expert

You should expect and will receive a highly trained, clean, professional looking 603 Pest technician on every inspection and service. We’ll bring the equipment, products, a friendly attitude, and of course, the 603 Pest truck!

From Your 603 Pest Bill

You will receive an honest inspection and quote. We will never try to sell you anything you don’t need that isn’t necessary to take care of or prevent current or future infestations. We are in the business to take care of our customer’s needs not to bundle sales to boost our profits. No hidden fees and no surprises!

“Diplomatic, understanding and compassionate with our difficult situation. Would highly recommend this company.”

– Kimberly B.

Common pest control questions and concerns

Q. Are the products safe for children and pets?

The safety of a customer, their families and our technicians are the most important aspects of our service. We have been treating homes for over 27 years in the industry and will walk away from a job before putting any person or pet in harm’s way. 603 Pest technicians are trained to use EPA registered materials according to label instructions and federal and state guidelines.

Our exterminators are trained to apply our materials to targeted areas and educate our customers on reentry times if necessary. However, it may be as simple as staying out of the treated area until our material has dried. Your technician will work with you on this process to provide safe and effective treatments.

Q. Will my house smell?

With most of our treatments, there is no noticeable odor. Remember our treatments are targeted and a lot of today’s EPA materials are odorless.

Depending on the type of pest and material needed there may be a slight odor immediately following the service. For instance, some of the sanitizers we use in our bed bug work are alcohol based and may leave a slight odor.

Q. Do you use "green" products?

We will provide a green service program when requested from our customer, however, the results that the customer may be looking for may take multiple services and may require longer wait for results. This may require a stringent Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program including exclusion methods from the home owner at the recommendation of your technician.

Q. Can I cancel my appointment?

We require 24 hours notice for scheduled service. However, if we did something wrong, we would like a chance to correct the situation at no additional cost to you. Let us know if you aren’t satisfied, and we’ll work to fix it.

Q. Will pests die in my walls?

Possibly, and don’t let other pest control companies tell you otherwise! In an effort to control rodents and insects before they overpopulate and infest we may use all the tricks in our pest removal toolbox. These tools may include exclusion, structural sanitation repairs, removal of harbourage breeding sites, trapping methods, bait placements, and chemical treatments. It is almost impossible for the pest control operator to tell you where a rodent will die. However, a good pest control operator will put together a good IPM program to attempt to avoid this.

“These are the guys you want for your pest control service. Knowledgeable, professional, personable. Go with an honest company. Go with 603 Pest.”

– Brad B.

Common household pests

Literally anything can end up in your house. But these pests are the most common in Southern New Hampshire: