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About 603 Pest Control

A Trusted New Hampshire Exterminator With 30+ Years of Experience

603 Pest Control is New Hampshire’s trusted resource for comprehensive pest inspection and pest removal services for homes and businesses.  

Our state-of-the-art pest control services use proven methods, technologies, and EPA-registered products that protect the health and safety of people, homes, pets and properties.  

Clients rate us consistently high for our efficient and cost-effective services that remove and repel pests from their property walls, ceilings, attics, eaves and roof structures.

Pest Control Near You

With Two Locations in Hooksett and Nashua, NH, We’re Ready and Near You For All Your Residential and Commercial Pest Control Needs!

Expert Pest Control for Residential and Commercial Properties

Company founder and entomology professional Jeff Richard is a pest control expert with more than three decades of local experience.  As leader of the family-run firm based in Hooksett, NH, Jeff personally selects and rigorously trains his dedicated team of pest control advisor-technicians.

Affordable Pest Control Solutions 

We conduct a thorough pest inspection to determine the source of the pest infestation or issue, and then offer targeted solutions for safe and sanitary pest control.

Quarterly Property Protection Pest Services and Support 

A wide variety of pests, from insects to rodents, affect New England homes and properties year-round. 

Yet, pests are not all active at the same time, and pest seasons can overlap per our pest activity calendar.  

That’s why 603 Pest Control offers the convenience and cost savings of our scheduled quarterly pest control and prevention program, to proactively address predictable and unpredictable pests.

Why You Need a Pest Control Manager Vs. Exterminator

Exterminators and pest control managers share a mutual goal of eliminating unwanted pests. However, the method and strategies they use differentiate exterminators from pest control managers.  

Method Differences 

An exterminator typically depends on pesticides with harsh chemicals to remove various pests from attics, walls, basements, roof structures, eaves and building perimeters.  

A pest control professional works to identify the source and motivation of unwanted pests, and applies strategies to change the settings and circumstances that attract them. If chemical products are needed, a pest control expert will apply EPA-approved, eco-friendly products proven to eliminate various pests, but also have less odor and less toxicity for people and their pets.  

Strategy Differences

Pest control managers are entomology professionals who are extensively trained and experienced in the specifics of individual pest removal.  They also seek long-term resolution and apply proven protocols to control or kill pests, instead of broad chemical application only to visible pests.

Benefits of Using 603 Pest Control Services

  • Proven – We use proven methods, technology & products to protect people, pets, homes and properties
  • Cost Effective – Affordable, effective pest control costs less than replacing or repairing property damage
  • Guaranteed – We’re so confident about our quarterly pest control and prevention program that we offer a generous guarantee

It’s wise to approach any unfamiliar pest with care and respect.  Consult an experienced pest control professional to discover your best options for effective pest control services.

Contact us today and let our pest control experts apply proven methods and safe technologies that support your health and spare you the hassle and expense of replacing or repairing damage caused by uncontrolled pests.