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Spider Pest Control

Spider Removal Service Overview

Spiders are common New Hampshire pests that necessitate professional spider pest control.  

603 Pest Control is frequently engaged by homeowners and business owners to perform spider removal as part of our quarterly pest control service.

As your local spider removal specialists, we serve as your spider exterminator and spider pest control expert. 

Our experienced pest control professionals educate our clients that the best way to get rid of spiders is to continually address and apply spider removal treatments to areas where they create webs to trap food.

Spiders are year-round pests classified as arachnids, and are most active when the weather is warm.

A spider has eight legs, all attached to its cephalothorax (or combined head and thorax), and its mouth, fangs, eyes, and pedipalps (mini-legs) are attached to the front. It has tiny hairs and claws on its legs to aid with sensory needs, and produces silk through organs called spinnerets. 

Spider Exterminator Solutions

As part of our 603 Pest Control quarterly pest control services, we routinely remove cobwebs throughout your home or business. We then apply a professional treatment with an EPA-registered broad pesticide that prevents re-webbing and repels other insects. 

How to Identify Spider Activity Around Your Home or Property 

Spider sizes, colors and markings vary by species. Many species commonly inhabit homes and buildings in New Hampshire and throughout the U.S.

The inevitable cobwebs you see throughout your home, office and property were all made by spiders. 

You’ll find the webs of most household spiders everywhere – from attics to basements – including over lamps, windows, in corners, and along walls and ceilings.  

Disease and Property Damage that Spiders Can Cause

Although they are considered unsightly, most spiders do not cause harm to humans or property.  No poisonous spiders are native to New England. 

All spiders use venom when they bite and kill their prey, but only three types of spiders are poisonous to people, including the Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and Hobo. None of these poisonous spiders create indoor webs, nor are they native to New Hampshire.

Spider Biology

Spiders are arachnids, which means their bodies have two segments, with eight legs, no antennae or wings, and they cannot chew. Female spiders lay up to 3,000 eggs in one or more silk egg sacs.  When the spider eggs hatch, they appear as tiny versions of adult spiders.  As they grow, they shed, or molt, and live an average of one to two years.