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Mice Removal Services

Mice Control Service Overview

The best way to get rid of mice from your home or property is to use a professional mice control specialist.  More than simply a mice exterminator, a pest control expert has the best strategy for how to get rid of mice.

An important differentiator of 603 Pest Control services is the proven, multi-step method of mice control in our interior rodent program and exterior rodent program.

We are more than a mice exterminator in that we don’t simply kill the visible mice that show up in spaces such as the attic.  Rather, we know how to get rid of mice and keep them from coming back.

“Dan was very professional and even made sure to give us info about potential harm to our small dog from traps set in the upstairs/attic so we would be sure to keep her out of that area. Based on the interaction with the lady who answered the phone and scheduled our appointment and Dan, I would highly recommend 603 Pest to others. 603 Pest is very lucky to have both employees as a part of their team!”

Jane M. – New Hampshire

Mice Control Solutions 

A key part of our 603 Pest Control process is to seal all of the strategic entry points on the exterior and interior of your home or property.  These include exterior walls, interior walls, and interior crawl spaces, attics, basements, runways of walls, pipe chases, wallboard pipe chases, etc.

Once we seal their points of entry, from the basement to the attic, we then trap the ones left on the inside and get them out before they can multiply.  We set multiple (30-50) traps to catch the mice trapped in the home or building, and we return in 7-20 days to remove them.  (10 to 15 mice are usually trapped this way.)  

This strategic method of mice control represents a long-term solution for home and property owners.  

Another benefit of using 603 Pest Control is that if an odor is detected, we can quickly remove it, because we know the exact location of every trap we set, and we remove all of them.   

The steps of the proven 603 Pest Control mouse control process are: 

  • Perform a thorough pest inspection to thoroughly identify areas of mouse infestation
  • Seal all entry ways into home or building from foundation to attic
  • Place and set multiple traps in targeted interior areas to kill mice 
  • Return in two weeks to remove traps and dead mice

How to Identify Mice Activity Around Your Home or Property 

Mice are year-round pests, and house mice are common in New England.  A house mouse has large ears, small eyes, small feet, and continually produces small fecal pellets everywhere they go.  It weighs between a half-ounce and an ounce.  It is typically a dark gray color on its back, and light gray on its belly, though color variations are possible.

Key ways to identify a mice infestation include

  • Mice sounds coming from the ceiling, at night. (Mice are nocturnal, so they’re loudest at night.)  They may sound like a larger rodent, such as a squirrel, when they move several acorns around.
  • Mice dropping sightings since mice constantly defecate on counters and surfaces. Mice droppings are black, very small, pointy at both ends, and range from one-sixteenth up to a quarter inch long.  
  • Black mark sightings (also called grease marks or rub marks).  Mice have grease on their guard hairs.  Since they don’t see well, they tend to run along the same path.  A clear sign of mice infestation is black marks forming a trail of grease from their guard hairs. This grease can often be seen along wires, turning them dark or black from the mice running along the sill plate of wires.

Disease and Property Damage Mice Can Cause

Property Damage that Mice Can Cause:

  • Mice can cause fires by damaging electrical wires. Mice must continually gnaw, so they create holes in walls, and will chew on wires such as basement wiring, and wires running through pipe chases from attics to basements.  
  • Mice can cause floods by damaging pipes.  Mice can chew through modern plastic plumbing such as clear, blue or red tube flex piping. This damage can trigger flooding and lead to costly repairs.   
  • Mice can allow other insects and pests to invade your home or building.  When mice gnaw holes that lead to the outdoors, the other pests they invite can lead to even further property damage.

Disease or Illness that Mice Can Cause for People and Pets:

  • Mice and their droppings can lead to serious allergic, respiratory and gastrointestinal issues such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, and food-borne illness such as salmonella and campylobacteriosis.
  • Hantavirus is caused by the contaminated dust of mice droppings.  When people sweep and move this contamination, it can get into their respiratory system and lead to illness or in some cases, death.
  • Mice can transport fleas on their bodies into a home or building, which can lead to painful ankle bites, trigger allergies or respiratory issues, and affect pets.  In fact, often when people contact 603 Pest Control about a suspected flea infestation, we perform a pest investigation and discover the root cause to be a mouse infestation that led to fleas pupating and multiplying to spread hundreds of fleas throughout the home, constantly looking for a blood meal.