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Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Extermination Overview

In New Hampshire, wasps are active every year from May through October.  Wasps can be very aggressive, so wise home and business owners seek out wasp exterminators that specialize in wasp nest removal.  

603 Pest Control serves as the local wasp removal and wasp control expert for residential and commercial clients throughout the state. 

Wasp Removal & Spraying Solutions

603 Pest Control applies an EPA-registered product to targeted areas around homes, buildings and properties. (Typically as part of our quarterly pest control protection service.) This proactive wasp control treatment serves as a proven wasp removal solution.

How to Identify Wasp or Hornet Activity Around Your Home or Property

Paper wasps are common in the northeast. They are three-quarters of an inch to an inch long, and can be black or brown, with yellow markings on the abdomen and thorax.  Paper wasps are sometimes called umbrella wasps because of the appearance of their nests.

Paper wasps create small papier-mâché looking nests with plant material and saliva, that appear like layers of paper.  They build their nests on the pitch of eaves on the gable ends of homes and buildings, around and under decks, under deck railings, around front stoops, and around utilities. 

Look for small nests of paper wasps with usually only one opened layer pointed downward on the eaves of houses, under window ledges, behind window shutters, under pool decks and other well-sheltered areas. 

Bald-faced hornets are often misidentified as wasps. They have a white face with black body, and are very aggressive.  Bald-faced hornets make large volleyball-sized nests on the sides of homes and buildings.

Disease and Property Damage that Wasps and Hornets Can Cause

Wasp stings may cause allergic reactions in humans that range from local pain and swelling, to more severe reactions such as shock and excessive swelling of the throat, requiring immediate medical attention to treat.

Wasps and hornets do not damage property; although their nests (and the potential allergy threats they represent for humans) compel residential and commercial clients to engage a wasp exterminator or wasp pest control expert such as 603 Pest Control.

Paper Wasp Biology

Paper wasps live in colonies with a queen that lays eggs, and worker bees. The eggs are laid in the hexagonal cells which also serve as safe homes for larvae while they grow.