Late Night Noises from Mice Keeping You Up?

Do you hear rustling noises within the walls at night?

Have you discovered that some wiring or flexible plumbing hoses have chew marks on it?

These are classic indications that you may have a mice infestation issue. A recent study states that 31% of people in the United States are waking to the unnerving sound of rodents scratching around their homes. This number sees a 25% increase in the winter months, as these four-legged menaces rush indoors to shelter from the wintery cold snap.

What can blight the lives of families, prove costly to homeowners, and even render homes unsellable? Mice and rats.

Facts about mice from the pest control experts

The two most common types of rodents that enter a home are mice and rats. What makes this pest difficult to remove is that they are cautious, suspicious, and instinctively know if you’re out to remove them.

Rodents are a pest that must be removed from the property. They can introduce parasites and transmit diseases that can be potentially serious. If baiting and trapping haven’t worked and the family cat is uninterested in hunting the pests down, then now is the time to call a mouse exterminator near you to get rid of mice in your home or business. The right experts in pest control for mice is crucial to successfully rid your property of an unwanted rodent infestation.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to contact the experts in pest control for mice sooner rather than later:

  • Mice and rats breed all year long. Once a nest has been established, rodents will expand in numbers and search for larger quantities of food and water to sustain the nest.
  • Mice and rats defend themselves. If a rodent is backed into a corner, it may choose to attack.
  • Mice and rats are highly adaptable. Sealing off an access point won’t stop rodents. They can quickly create new access points.
  • Mouse and rate feces can lead to illness and, in extreme cases, death.

Contact the number-one experts in pest control for mice

Effective rodent, rat, and mice control means removing the current population while proactively preventing new pests from moving in and taking hold. 603 Pest Control provides numerous rodent control options that are available to you right now depending on what type of rodent is bothering you and the size of the infestation.

Contact us today if you’ve discovered rats, mice, or other rodents in your home or business and we’ll help to remove them so your family can be healthy and safe, and we will provide this service for a fair, competitive price. 603 Pest Control provides mice control services for residential and commercial properties. We are the number one pest control solution for Hooksett, Manchester, Hollis, Nashua, Hudson, Concord, Bedford, and Portsmouth.